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Turkey is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. This geographical location enables Turkish ports to handle significant amount of cargo between the Western and the Eastern points. Cargo coming from Europe and Americas are handled intransit to CIS Republics, Iran, Iraq, Cyprus, the Balkans and vice versa.

MIDTRANS has been active in transiting cargo through its modern bonded warehouse facility in Istanbul from, for example, Kazakhstan to the U.S., or from the U.K. to Iran. Main transit ports in Turkey are Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin. Transit cargo

MIDTRANS is ready to serve from free out Turkish port up to the final destination, including transit customs clearance services, sea or land transport, documentation and follow up. Iraq lately has become an attractive destination for Turkish and foreign exporters alike, as a result of continuous cargo movement from Turkey based on UN relief aid program.

MIDTRANS is active for the transport of intransit cargo from various destinations to Iraq via Turkey including transit customs clearance;  as well as follow up of UN permits for passage of goods into Iraq.

Experience peace of mind through intermodal excellence
Intermodal transportation is any movement of goods using more than one mode of transportation. Often, intermodal refers to the combination of rail and truck service. This combination creates efficiencies in your supply chain by providing more equipment options, greener miles, and often, a lower priced alternative to truck transportation. In certain lanes over 500 miles, intermodal also gives you the most effective combination of rates, service, trailer size, and mode—all configured to meet your exact requirements.
Count on us to provide award-winning, dependable intermodal service for your business. Leverage powerful relationships with all the Class 1 railroads to ensure that you'll obtain the equipment you need, when you need it. Dynamic ETAs keep you advised of the shipment's status along the way—including any changes you need to know about. Reduce or eliminate unplanned costs with the help of intermodal experts for better control over your freight. And with end to end visibility to your freight via DOF Cargo online access, you and your customers gain peace of mind.
Choose intermodal service to improve your strategy:
  • Minimize budget fluctuations with competitive and consistent pricing
  • Access committed capacity and modal alternatives that scale to fit your needs
  • Receive comprehensive, coast-to-coast coverage for your supply chain, as well as service in Canada and Mexico
  • Accommodate your requirements for drop trailers, refrigerated equipment, or live load/unload operations
  • Gain flexibility to cover your short-term capacity needs and volume surges
  • Develop a relationship with one point of contact who understands your business
  • Rely on intermodal experts to easily convert shipments between truck and rail equipment
  • Obtain exceptional customer service through an award-winning provider of intermodal service
  • Work with one of the only IMCs that can provide 53' equipment on both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads
  • Proactively identify gaps in service expectations with dynamic exception management technology
  • Obtain customized reporting that identifies service levels and accessorial challenges for collaborative research
Learn about other services to combine with intermodal and rail service for a well-developed supply chain strategy by contacting an agent.

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