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Main transit activity of the company is transiting through Bander Abbas. Geographic location of Bander Abbas and its access to international waters, roads and rail connections, has made Iran a gateway to markets in CIS, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Trans Persia has focused on this field from its early days & transported great volume of transit articles as general cargo, containerized, refrigerated, inflammable & project cargo, which this made company a reliable choice among active forwarders in this route.

In this field and after coordination with the customers, our agents offices in Iran entry borders receive transit articles and load them to the main destination after depositing required guarantees & preparing transit custom formalities.
As well our broad connections and familiarity with carriers & freight forwards beyond Iran borders, capable us to receive transit cargoes at any point of the world & sending through all transportation mean to CIS, Iraq and Afghanistan or vice versa
Except transit shipment we arrange from the origins, main activity of the company focuses on receiving of transit cargoes in southern ports of Iran, specially Bandar Abbas. Our agents in Bandar Abbas with efficient facilities and personals is the most active office of the company in transit field.

Containerized cargo:
Obvious priority of container, that is protection has made people interested in carrying their cargo in container, so it is made a usual way in transit transportation through Iran route where after giving the required guarantees to shipping companies at the port of entry, cargoes will transported to final destination in CIS, Iraq and Afghanistan in the same COC lines containers. Transportation of SOC containers by truck & rail, transshipment of containers in tilt truck and covered wagons, transportation of over size cargoes in special containers (OT-FR) after transshipment or in the same containers & transshipment of reefer containers into reefer trucks are among different container transportation services in transit field.

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