One of the main specialties of MIDTRANS is Door To Door Cargo Service from Dubai, From China, From Turkey to rest of the world. We have a professional team who packs your items with at most care at your premises at your convenient time.

We at MIDTRANS manage your shipment for every step of the way from your premises to where ever in the world. We give so much importance in planning the most reliable and direct route to the destination airport and Port, and handle all customs requirements and final delivery to the consignee on the date promised.

We treat every shipment with utmost care and importance and we see your cargo moves quickly, directly from your facility to the airline & Shipping Line and straight to the destination. In today’s competitive market reach is more important.

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We understand the need and importance of our customers and always give them the best service without any fail. We have the flexibility to provide you with tailor made solutions as per your requirements, no matter how challenging they might be. We provide a platform where even smaller companies can get ahead of competition through a highly competent and safe service.