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Customs clearance

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Expert advice tailored to your needs, import and export professionals.
Whether you need the latest in automated processing to enhance your customs documentation workflow, or you are new to customs and need expert advice and easy entry level services.

Enjoy a smooth journey through the formalities
Customs clearance is the necessary but complex procedure that nobody wants to have to go through, except for the strong team of customs professionals at MIDTRANS SHIPPING AND SERVICES that is! We are here to help ensure that you never have to deal with the confusion, stress and delay involved in having incorrect paperwork. We handle customs procedures in-house for imports and exports at Jebel Ali, FreeZones and airports, with a wide range of facilities and solutions to choose from, and for businesses of any size.

Don’t get caught short

When you’ve worked so hard to get your product to where it needs to be on time, the last thing you need is costly customs clearance mistakes or delays. Fortunately, our skilled professionals can identify exactly what you require to get through customs with ease. Moreover, they are supported by the technology needed to achieve this with scalable precision – growing with your business.

Speed up your customs
Looking to shorten your lead times? We offer automated customs portals so nobody has to worry about whether the correct paperwork is on hand.
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Head Office:

Halboni Musalam Al Baroudi Street
Khouli Building, Second Floor.
Tel: +971 4 271 4480 Ext: 100

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